$GAME, owned and operated by Sportsology, is intended to enhance the player experience in sports-specific games such as fantasy games, predictor games, card battle games, and sports betting games, as well as others where relevant as the ecosystem matures.

GameOn’s primary use of $GAME is as a consumable product to allow holders of $GAME to purchase CREDITS with $GAME at a fixed price and to receive in-game rewards for successful completion of in-game goals or targets. GameOn shall never sell $GAME to its users as a product at any time or facilitate any purchase or sale of $GAME at anytime.

To the knowledge of GameOn, $GAME is neither designed nor expected by us to increase in value over time. GameOn does not represent that $GAME will have any value to gamers outside of their use within the GameOn platforms. To the knowledge of GameOn, holding $GAME does not grant you any ownership interest, voting rights, management rights, property interest, or any interest in revenue or profit sharing.

To the knowledge of GameOn, $GAME is not intended by Sportsology to be an offering of securities in any jurisdiction or an investment transaction of any type, and any representations by GameOn is not intended (i) to form the basis of, or to induce, any investment or financing decision with respect to $GAME, (ii) to form the basis of any contract or constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities or any other product, and (iii) does not constitute and should not be considered as any form of recommendation or opinion or legal, financial, tax, investment or other advice whatsoever.

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