💯GPTS Campaign

It's time to get in the $GAME early! Study the guide below to learn more and redeem a share of 500,000 GAME! The $GAME Points (GPTS) campaign is a multi-stage event hosted on our very own DApp, and designed for both LALIGA War Chest NFT holders and new participants. It involves completing engagement-based tasks on a designated DApp to win $GAME loyalty points known as GPTS. Gather as many GPTS as possible, redeem them as fast as possible for a share of the $GAME reward campaign pool, and claim your share after TGE.

How the Campaign Works

  1. Winning $GAME Points (GPTS) Accumulate GPTS by completing various tasks listed on the campaign’s DApp. Regular updates and special Discord events provide additional opportunities to win GPTS.

  2. Multiplier for LALIGA War Chest Holders On top of a weekly snapshot granting holders 2000 GPTS per NFT (10 max per wallet), holders of the LALIGA War Chest NFTs are eligible for a 3x multiplier on their GPTS wins. These NFTs can be acquired on OpenSea.

  3. Use GPTS to Redeem $GAME The name of the game is to get in the $GAME early! Use your GPTS to claim an allocation of $GAME prior to TGE (more details on the redemption below). The faster you redeem, the bigger your GPTS bonus.

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