🛗Campaign Stages

Stage 0: 110,000 $GAME

All participants can claim a free pass during this stage, granting them an initial 200 GPTS. Claiming the pass and verifying it on Discord grants access to an exclusive channel for early supporters. Introductory social tasks can also be completed for GPTS. As a token of our appreciation, the GameOn team will distribute Stage 0 Pass to all LALIGA War Chest NFT holders during Stage 0.

Stage 1: 120,000 $GAME

Focuses on completing more social tasks via the GameOn DApp and participating in Discord to accumulate GPTS. A referral system will be live at the beginning of Stage 1, allowing everyone to earn 100 GPTS per referral and 10% of what their referrals earn. Uncapped GPTS!

Stage 2: 130,000 $GAME

Stage 2 introduces a final batch of 500 limited-supply Stage 2 Passes, providing a significant boost in GPTS for those who mint them. Continue earning GPTS via social tasks and referrals.

Stage 3: 140,000 $GAME

The final stage is when social tasks ramp up and most GPTS and $GAME are up for grabs. Stay tuned on more details as the stage gets closer.

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