🔥$GAME Redemption

My $GAME allocation

$GAME Points (GPTS) can be redeemed for a $GAME allocation as soon as you start collecting GPTS.

To spice up the redemption process, we have added a time bonus during each stage, offering an extra incentive for early redemption. The time bonus goes from 100% to 0%, decreasing linearly every second of the current stage, and is visible on the redemption page. The sooner you redeem, the bigger your GPTS bonus! Your $GAME allocation will then be finalized at the end of each stage. At that time, your $GAME will appear in your account summary. Allocation is based on the amount of GPTS you redeem for $GAME during the ongoing stage versus the total amount of GPTS redeemed during that stage. For example: if you redeem 10,000 GPTS and the total amount of GPTS redeemed is 100,000 GPTS, you will get 10% of the $GAME allocation of the stage.

Connecting & Participation

Participants need to use the same wallet and social handles for all campaign activities to ensure eligibility for rewards. You also must not delete posts you make to win GPTS. Please follow the rules to avoid disqualification. It’s crucial to stay active on Discord for updates and to participate in community events.

It's $GAME Time!

Are you ready? Begin your journey at gpts.gameon.app and secure your pre-TGE $GAME allocation. The strategy is simple: complete tasks, redeem early to get your bonus, repeat, and stack $GAME tokens one stage after the other. Every single participant redeeming will receive a percentage of the $GAME allocation at TGE.

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