🎮$GAME In-Game Functionalities

$GAME tokens offer versatile functionalities across GameOn's ecosystem, including:

  • Acquiring game CREDITS

  • Voting on new games and products

  • Buying Avatars

  • Buying Clubs

  • Transposing Avatars (from one sports league to another)

Note: Clubs will not be implemented at launch. 🔃 How to acquire CREDITS:

  • Use $GAME

  • Use fiat (via debit/credit card purchase in-app) to automatically acquire CREDITS via an off-chain bridge from $GAME. This process is transparent for buyers, who will only see an instant CREDITS balance in their account after purchasing with their debit/credit card.

The functionalities outlined here are subject to potential adjustments in the future, with a focus on continuously enhancing and expanding in-game engagement over time.

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