🪙CREDITS Functionalities

🌟 For Players:

As a player, you can use CREDITS for various purposes, including:

  • Leveling up your Avatars for all sports leagues

  • Buying cosmetics for your Avatars/Account

  • Purchasing Gears & Boosts to power up your Avatars (permanent or temporary)

  • Refilling the in-game store

  • Joining a Club

  • Crafting items

  • Merging Avatars

👨‍💼 For Club Owners:

As a club owner, you can leverage CREDITS for activities such as:

  • Upgrading your Club(s)

  • Buying equipment & vending machines

  • Hiring staff

  • Advertising your club

  • Creating a crafting station

The functionalities outlined here are subject to potential adjustments in the future, with a focus on continuously enhancing and expanding in-game engagement over time.

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