🌐Web3 Challenges

🌐 Web3 Fantasy Sports Games Current Challenges

#1 Fully-custodial in-game currency systems don't exist #2 Lack of interoperability between sports/leagues/gaming apps #3 In-game item rewards dilute the supply of existing holders #4 Limited scalability of Web3 products for Web2 audiences

How GameOn Solves These Problems

  1. Complete control over in-game points rewards

    • $GAME, CREDITS and XP fuel in-game leaderboard rewards, loyalty points, and more.

  2. Seamless interoperability across various games

    • $GAME, CREDITS and XP are adaptable across diverse games, spanning different sports, major leagues, and various applications.

    • In the near future, fans will have the ability to transpose your Avatars from one sports league to another via a proxy feature, enabling you to seamlessly transition between leagues and sports without the need to start from scratch.

  3. Eliminate dependence on NFT rewards in games

    • $GAME, CREDITS and XP rewards won't diminish the supply of existing player Avatar NFTs.

  4. Designed for mobile-first app integrated rewards

    • $GAME, CREDITS and XP rewards are incorporated into games, following Apple and Google app store rules, providing access to billions of Web2 gaming users.

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